Revalidatie na voorste kruisband reconstructie

Rehabilitation: How Long Until You Can Go Back To Normal Activity???


These are general guide lines for a fast recovery to normal activity. The program will be altered to fit the patients lifestyle and abilities.

You won't recover with the wave of a wand, but with a little hard work you will be as good as new, or better.


Rehabilitation Following ACL Reconstruction:voorste kruisband


  1. CPM = Continuous passive motion

  2. PROM = Passive range of motion

  3. WB = Weight bearing

  4. ROM = Range of motion

  5. PWB = Partial weight bearing

  6. FWB = Full weight bearing


2 to 3 Days:



PROM 0 to 90 degrees; leg fully extend three time daily for 30 minutes

WB as tolerated with or without crutches and fixed brace  


7 to 10 Days :


Discontinue CPM

ROM; terminal extension 90 to 100 degrees flexion

Prone hand and towel extension

Wall slides for flexion

Partial squat 2- to 4-inch step-up; calf raises

PWB to FWB without crutches – brace 

CPM; patellar mobilization


2 to 3 Weeks:


ROM: terminal extension to 110 degrees

Partial squats on involved leg

Increased height of step-ups; calf raises; leg press 0 to 90 degrees; one-quarter squats and calf raises in squat rack

Bicycling and swimming

FWB with brace -  always use brace when away from home


After the first 5 or 6 weeks following surgery--during which time a stricter protocol is followed--the pace of rehabilitation is largely left up to the patient.
The keys to success in this accelerated protocol can be identified as follows:


1. Allow the patient to progress with weight bearing and muscle strengthening as tolerated.

2. Insist that the patient obtain full knee extension (equal to the opposite knee) in the first few days postoperatively and maintain this extersion thereafter.

3. Emphasize closed-kinetic (weight-bearing) exercises for the lower extremity in the initial period following surgery.

4. Incorporate functional and agility-type activities into the early rehabilitation once the injured extremity's hamstring/quadriceps strengths (based on isokinetic muscle testing) have surpassed 70 percent of the values for the nonoperated leg.

5. Dictate a graduated return to sports well in advance of participation in competitive athletics at the patients prior ability level.


5 to 6 Weeks:


ROM: terminal extension 120 to 130 degrees flexion

Continue with previously prescribed strengthening exercises

Cybex test at high speeds with 20 degrees extension block; if strength is greater than 70 percent, you will begin a functional progression that includes light jogging, agility drills, lateral shuffles, and jumping rope


Discontinue brace if muscle tone is sufficient


10 Weeks:


Continue with previous strengthening exercises

Cybex test at high speeds


Increase intensity level of funtional progression


4 to 6 months:


Cybex at all three speeds


Full functional progression back to activity to include cutting (must have near-normal strength, Full motion, no swelling, good stability, and complete running program)


6 Months to 1 Year After Surgery:


Continue strengthing exercises

Return to all normal activities

Use of sports brace when participating in any pivotal activities will be required


1 Year After Surgery:


     If all is well, you can get rid of the brace and have fun! 


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